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E46 Non-M Rear Diff Mounting Plates

E46 Non-M Rear Diff Mounting Plates

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Fits: All E46 Non-M with Medium Case (188mm) differentials only.

-Eliminates driveline flex under throttle (driver control)
-Reduces potential for wheel hop (stability)
-Will last the life of the vehicle (longevity)
-Exponentially stronger than the factory diff mount (reliability)
-Mounts on the exterior of the diff (no re-sealing or leaks)
Note: Mounting the differential with non-standard mounts will transmit diff whine into the cabin.

-Pair this product with Solid Front Diff Bushes

-350MPa yield mild steel (un-coated)
-10.9 grade, zinc coated set screws, nuts & washers

This is a new clean slate approach we have developed to solid mount the rear of the differential to the rear subframe intended for drift, drag or track E46's.
These mounts offer improvements in both performance & reliability with no significant weight penalty over the original single rear diff bush design.

We've refined the design with FEA simulations so we can confidently say these mounts are strong enough to withstand monumental amounts of abuse giving you the driver peace of mind and reliability on track. Throw everything you can at them!
All this comes with almost no additional weight once the rear diff bush and the steel structure securing it is removed from the subframe during install.

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