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E46/Z4 Solid Subframe Raising Bushings

E46/Z4 Solid Subframe Raising Bushings

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Fits: All E46 Non-M, E46 M3 & E46 hatch.

-Solid mounts the rear subframe to the chassis (Braces the chassis)
-Stiffens the rear end feel (driver feedback)
-Provides consistent suspension geometry (stability)
-Increases driveline stiffness (control)
-Raises the subframe to improve roll-centre & toe geometry on lowered cars (more grip)
Note: Solid mounting the rear subframe will not increase NVH if using stock diff bushings. 

- 4 Solid Aluminium subframe bushings
- 2 Aluminium front bushings and a set of plates and fasteners that can be welded on to substitute the rear two bushings.

6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised Purple

We consider solid subframe raising bushes an absolute must for all E46's due to their narrow rear subframe and the high deformation that occurs in the stock rubber and some poly bushings. Every bit of flex from driveline torque and suspension loading causes a change in geometry making the back end vague, numb & unpredictable.

These bushes make the back end feel tight, rigid and responsive improving the control and feedback to the driver for a superior driver feedback and stability.

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