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E9X M3 Aluminum Belly Pan

E9X M3 Aluminum Belly Pan

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Fits: All E9X M3 BMW's

Proudly made in Australia!

-Increases ground clearance on lowered cars
-Non-flat design to clear power steering lines (flat designs do not)
-structural bends and folded edges to maximise rigidity
-Multi-step and un-obstructed oil cooler ducting to promote air extraction
-3-piece design with removable centre panel for simplified engine bay access
-Designed to suit super charger heat-exchanger plumbing
Note: No cutting, drilling or riveting required for install. Takes 10 mins to install once the car is elevated.

-190MPa Yield Aluminium - Raw
-Pre-installed female threads with fasteners included. 

A replacement belly pan is an inevitability for essentially all E9X M3 owners as the original felt material will either fall apart on its own with age or be destroyed unexpectedly because of its low hanging design.

We're very proud of this design and are sure you will be stoked with fitment and quality! 

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