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E8X/E9X/F8X Monoball Rear Lower Camber Arm Bushing

E8X/E9X/F8X Monoball Rear Lower Camber Arm Bushing

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All E8X & E9X Non-M, E82 1M & E9X M3
All F8X M2, M3 & M4's

-Provides consistent geometry (stability)
-Better translates spring/shock forces to ground (control)
-Free pivoting ball joints (no suspension binding)
Note: A ball joints lower camber arm bush will not increase NVH.

-LEMFÖRDER No. 3642601 (BMW ball joint #33326792553)
-Yellow Zinc coated steel (adaptor sleeve)
-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised (spacers)

In a multi-link arrangement, the lower arms experiences roughly double the cornering force of the upper arms. The lower camber arm in all modern BMW's also supports the spring and shock adding the weight of the car and dampening forces.
Approximately 43% of all the springs force is applied at the subframe end of the lower arm. This can result in excessive and problematic deflection in the factory rubber bush this replaces as well as the subframe bushings in E8X/E9X's. This issue compounds dramatically when increasing spring rates. 

By using a bearing mounted arm you eliminate unwanted bushing flex providing far more consistent camber & toe geometry when cornering, under power & braking while allowing the spring and shock to precisely react to the wheels motion for a more controlled and predictable ride overall.
We consider this a must have for any E8X/E9X/F8X BMW.

The ball joint we use in this product is identical to and made by the the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM=LEMFÖRDER) as the ball joint at the other end of the arm pressed into the upright. Being a sealed and lubricated bearing experiencing less force, we intend it to last many years of operation. 

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