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F2X/F3X M Front Tension Arm Adaptors

F2X/F3X M Front Tension Arm Adaptors

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Fits: All F2X & F3X 1/2/3/4 Series BMW

-Increases front track width & camber (grip)
-Increases front caster (grip)
-Replaces rubber for ball joints & fluid filled rubber to solid rubber (control)
-Reduces bump steer (stability)
-Free pivoting ball joints (less suspension binding)
Note: Upgrading to M2/3/4 control arms will not increase NVH.

-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised Black (Outer Spacer)
-304 Stainless Steel (Inner spacer)

These shims are required to fit M control arms in a Non-M chassis due to the narrower M tension arm bush. 
Fitting M2/3/4 front lower camber arms and tensions arms is a very common and desirable front suspension upgrade for all F2X/F3X 1/2/3/4 series BMW's.

M lower control arms eliminate the rubber bush in favour of a ball joint while also increasing the arms length. This increases negative camber, track width for better front grip as well as provides more consistent camber geometry.
M tension arms increase caster and upgrade the very soft fluid filled rubber bush to a solid rubber bushing reducing flex under braking.
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