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F2X/F3X Solid Subframe Raising Bushings

F2X/F3X Solid Subframe Raising Bushings

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Fits: All F2X 1/2 series & F3X 3/4 series BMW's

-Solid mounts the rear subframe to the chassis (Braces the chassis)
-Stiffens the rear end feel (driver feedback)
-Provides consistent suspension geometry (stability)
-Increases driveline stiffness (control)
-Raises the subframe to improve roll-centre & anti-squat geometry (more grip)
-Puts the suspension closer to its designed operating range on lowered cars reducing bump steer, camber change etc (stability)
Note: Solid mounting the rear subframe will not increase NVH if using stock diff bushings. 

-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised Purple

-Pair these with our Front Roll Centre & Bump Steer Shims to improve front kinematics to match!

We consider solid subframe raising bushes an absolute must for all F2X & F3X BMW's due to >42% of all the spring force pushing on the subframe causing massive deformation in the stock rubber and some poly bushings. Every bit of flex from driveline torque and suspension loading causes a change in geometry making the back end vague, numb & unpredictable.

These bushes make the back end feel tight, rigid and responsive improving the control and feedback to the driver for a superior driver feedback and stability just like the F8X M cars of this generation!

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