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F8X M2/3/4 Monoball Front Tension Arm Bushing

F8X M2/3/4 Monoball Front Tension Arm Bushing

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All F8X M2, M3 & M4 BMW's
All F2X & F3X Non-M 1/2/3/4 Series BMW (With M2/3/4 control arm fitted)
We sell Adaptors to fit M control arms into Non-M's.

-Provides consistent front geometry (stability)
-Better translates braking forces to chassis (control)

-Free pivoting ball joints (no suspension binding)
Note: A ball joints front tension arm bush will increase NVH when driving over road imperfections only.

-LEMFÖRDER No. 3642601 (BMW ball joint #33326792553)
-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised (housing & cap)
-304 Stainless Steel (bearing spacers)

Almost all the braking force on modern BMW's acts through this this single bushing. The suspension design requires the bushing to load up and flex (like a spring) before it can begin slowing the car down which can lead to inconsistent braking force as well as bump steer making the nose of the car unstable under hard braking. For this reason, upgrading this bush is considered a must have for all modern BMW's intending to be driven fast.

Non-M BMW's have a very soft fluid filled bush and even the common M arm upgrade uses a relatively pliable rubber bush. 
Provided M3 front control arms are already installed, this bush replaces the last piece of flexible rubber in the front suspension with an OEM ball joint creating an entirely solid and incredibly precise handling front end. 

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