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Front Roll Centre & Bump Steer Correction Shims

Front Roll Centre & Bump Steer Correction Shims

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Fits: Suits stock control arms & tie rods for RWD models on...
All E8X & E9X Non-M, E82 1M & E9X M3
All F2X & F3X Non-M's & M-Sports 1/2/3/4 Series BMW's
All F8X M2, M3 & M4 BMW's
All G4X & G2X Non-M's & M-Sports 2/3/4 Series BMW's
All G8X M2, M3 & M4 BMW's
A90 Supra

-Corrects front roll centre geometry on lowered cars (stability)
-Reduces camber loss in body roll (grip)
-Reduces bump steer (control)
-Increases kinematic front roll resistance

-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised Black

These shims suit almost every modern BMW from E8X/E9X onwards and help correct the geometry on lowered cars whether you've done it for aesthetics or performance.

This product comes with 4 shims in total to lower the outer pivot point of the factory camber arms and tie rods by 8mm/~5/16" (equal to our E8X/E9X & F2X/F3X subframe bushings)

Due to the Mcpherson strut front suspension design on most BMW's, they have a tendency to lose camber angle relative to the ground when significantly lowered or as the body rolls in corners. This generally results in understeer and/or excessive outer shoulder wear on the front tyres. 
Even with huge amount of negative camber and massive front spring frequencies this is a common outcome on track. 

The shims are a cheap and effective way to correct for a portion of the lowering as well as bring the geometry back towards its intended operating range. Doing so will also bring the front roll centre closer to the centre of gravity for a kinematic increase in front roll resistance by reducing the roll moment. 

This means less body roll, less bump steer and better tyre wear. These shims can be welded to the upright for extreme track/motorsport applications.

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