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GT4 v2010 Wing

GT4 v2010 Wing

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In the 2010s, a Dutch BMW Race team found the GTS wing was not competitive enough in the race series that they were running in; So they developed a larger version of the GTS wing thus, the GT4 wing for E92 was born.

In our minds, the GT4 wing is the most balanced rear aero solution between function and form that's ever produced and apparently no one is making it here in the States. The only way to get it is to order through European websites and it costs over $2000. We won't deny that those $2000 "Dry Carbon" wings look absolutely amazing but from our perspective, we feel like a more "cost-effective" solution is much needed here in the States.

Therefore, we decided to make our own version of the GT4 wing, we call this project "The GT4 MK2(V2010)". We started this project in mid-July 2022 and after over 4 months of back and forth with our manufacturer, we finally decided that it is ready for our customers.

Price is $699 Shipped across the continental US and as always, our products feature the best quality and fitment in the price range. In this case, we are the first company offering the GT4 wing here in the States. We are aiming for a balance between price and quality and we can promise that our product has the best quality and appearance in all “wet carbon” products.

GT4 Aero package Equipped cars run Nurburgring laps around 10-12 seconds a lap faster than those without it. Serious gains!

Size: 140x21cm

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