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Stage 3 - E46 Rear Bolt In RACP Brace

Stage 3 - E46 Rear Bolt In RACP Brace

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Fits: All E46 coupe, sedan & touring chassis (Non-M & M3)

-Braces the rear strut towers with the rear two, rear subframe mounts

-Bolt in construction with removable centre
-Increases chassis rigidity and allows for true coil over rear suspension
Note: Requires Stage 2 - E46 Rear Weld In RACP Beam installed prior.

-For coupe chassis not running true coil overs, the Stage 3 - E46 Front Bolt In RACP Brace is a lighter chassis brace that sits flush against the rear seats for a more practical and less intrusive finish.

-2.5mm 250MPa yield zinc coated mild steel (zincanneal)
-Fasteners included

This brace is a bolt in structure designed to support the rear strut towers while offering further reinforcement to the rear two, rear subframe mounts on the E46 chassis.
The bolted connections provide a range of adjustment capable of accounting for the install tolerances of the weld in support beneath as well as the dimensional differences between coupe & sedan chassis.

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